Playing Keyboard is very interesting and fun, it brings your musical feelings and ideas out to real life, this is an industry I ever wanted to get into.

I always say: Music is not a song, But a language!

As a young child

When I was young I always loved music very much like most of you I guess, I was listening to a lot of different styles in the “huge” music world, most of the times i listened to CLASSICAL music, but I definitely loved all other styles who get in touch with my heart, sometimes I am only going for TECHNO, and as well I love the crazy EDM planet.

Hmm… just a second don’t ask me again to take off my headphones because I cannot hear you while listening to music.

Sorry about that let’s continue,

I grew up a little

then I felt something is missing in my heart, I always wanted to know music theory inside out and I was despair to create my own music, but god! I even don’t know how to play any instrument, besides a little piano here and there.

But don’t worry i didn’t give up!

And thats exactly how it was, I started searching all around for something that will fill the missing part of my heart, I was looking for a technique that will allow me to create and arrange my own musical ideas, of course I found a lot of software doing that,

In 2013

I still remember the day I finally bought my first arranger keyboard it was the famous Korg Pa3x (its discontinued already and have been upgraded to the Korg Pa4x) (Professional Arranger) and I was amazed of it how many features it has but it is not overwhelming me with too many options I should get lost in it like computer software, I started to find out how to create styles and beats on it!

Time goes by I started feeling much better I felt like something is getting fulfilled in my life while im getting better every day in the keyboard programming world, I learned my self everything about creating arrangements without knowing much about playing any instrument.

Todays days

I create all kind of beats and musical arrangements easy! im doing instruments on the keyboard should sound like in real life (I upgraded already to the Korg Pa4x), by now whenever I have a musical idea or composition im able to create it and bring it out fully, and I feel so great expressing my musical feelings the right way.

The other day I had my friend in car (also a musical heart) we went for an outing having a good time, by putting on the music I selected an arrangement I created recently then he asked me “who are the instrument players over here?”

I must tell you I was shocked by my self how far I went with my music creation, I asked him back “Guess Who” he told me I don’t know but it is really nice, then I said to him, Yes! its me, I created all that by my self and its not an orchestra playing here, it is only one person with his keyboard”

By now I love helping (music minded) people doing the same and reaching their music goals, teaching them how to do musical programs on their own, im doing it because I love to share what I achieve and I wanna see others success

This site I created to help people with basic information on Keyboards when they are looking around to buy a keyboard which will work best for them just to play, and/or for doing keyboard programs and style creation.

Have a good time, All the best,

Jack Piers

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