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Product: Korg Pa4x
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Sound quality like never before!

If you ever used any Korg Keyboard before – you probably know already its sounds from the past 10 years which haven’t really changed till the release of the Korg Pa4X.

It used to be a combination of classical and electronic sounds which was very good and nice but not the best you wished to hear, so you could always feel like i want more realistic sounds than these, and the electronic sounds should give me some more groove.

Now that Korg manufactured the Korg Pa4X you get a whole new package featuring realistic and electronic sounds which is in my opinion “THE” Sounds you have ever dreamed to own! and is the top of the market (of course till their next – even better – release)

The Korg Pa4X relies on KORG’s advanced EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-eXpanded) sound engine, and delivers the highest quality sounds through the most upgraded sound processor which brings the Korg Pa4x to the top and best Arranger Keyboard on the market!

It is featured with over 1,500 sounds ready to use and play, and the most realistic sound collection you have ever seen before offers a vast gathering of classic and contemporary keyboards, real band and orchestral music instruments, plus electronic and acoustic music instruments—starting from techno through classical folk.

Included is a new multi-layer stereo grand piano with damper and body resonance (which wasn’t on any Korg Keyboard before) it also includes electric pianos from the famous acclaimed KORG SV-1 Stage Piano. And the digital drawbar organ includes key on/off noises, leakage, and Rotary Speaker emulation and more.

In addition, the Korg Pa4x has been equipped with brand new wind instruments, strings, basses and even acoustic and electric guitars. Sounds have been painstakingly captured using state-of-the-art methods, that it gives you the opportunity to accurately reproduce the instruments like in real life! (Oh yeah!)


New Incredible Styles!

In addition to the upgraded sounds Korg also did a phenomenal job with the new styles and drums on the Korg Pa4X featuring all kind of styles you ever wished to have on your own keyboard.

Yes! any Style and Genre you are thinking of you will find there on the keyboard!

Each of the over 500 styles is fully arranged and very realistic, that with closed eyes you will think you are in a big hall sitting right in front of a 40 piece man band. you’ll find that out on your own ?

When playing with that styles you are going to see that the Korg Team did a great job of reproducing all kind of musical genres accurately with all its details, that you can now not only play your song but your heart and soul can feel it giving you a chance to express your musical feelings on its max.

In addition to this you can also enhance your styles with up to 4 pads adding some different color and giving a refreshing taste in the middle of playing your song, you can also use the pads alone without playing the drums, its a big world you can play around with.

Create your own styles

Now, If you are still not happy with all these styles Korg gives you on your keyboard or you are happy but you want to create your own ideas of styles or arrangements for your own songs and compositions, then go ahead and do it!

On the Korg Pa4X you have a Record field that is featured with the most upgraded options to help you create styles and drums on your own, featuring incredible guitar modes that you can use to make guitar performances should sound like in real life.

Korg also added a new guitar mode called ‘Guitar Mode 2’ that completes all your guitar needs and delivers the highest quality Guitar Performances

In the acoustic instruments Korg also added some amazing new of the RX Noises like Guitar or Bass slides and trills

You can also play around with a lot of system controls, controlling the, Cut Off (Auto filter) – Expressions – After Touch – Pitch Band – Panning – Modulations – Sustain Damper – and a lot more.

Its really an endless game i can keep talking and not finishing, maybe later on ill create an individual post just for Style Creation.



First appearance on KORG Pa4X OS v2

A brand new awesome feature totally unseen on any keyboard before, first time appears on the Korg Pa4X, the KAOSS FX gives you a creative control on your live performance.

Now you will be able to switch around from subtle morphing between Variations and Drum Kit types, also fine mixing between accompaniment Sounds, you can also do live reshaping of ongoing rhythms.

Now you can also do live the most radical tape-stop effects of DJ heritage, adding tape delay and arpeggios, you can add ‘liquid mixing’ to any Style or MIDI Song with the aid of easy-to-use computer-assisted composition features. Break the boundaries of preset music!

You can also use the KAOSS FX while recording a MIDI or MP3 Song, so that your performance will be preserved.

You gonna enjoy this!

As you can see there is a lot you gonna love here if you wish to its pricing click below

Korg Pa4x


Have a great time and see you in my next post
Jack Piers

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  1. Wow im owning the Korg pa3x i didn’t know that the Korg pa4x has all this new features, ohyeah! you made me buying it!

    1. Thanks Ludvik for your request, i hope to write more about style creation in the future. Stay Tuned!

  2. When will the next new KORG be available? I’m saving money now for it!
    Question: Will a powerful stereo AMP run the Pa4x through large speakers, or do I have to get a dedicated AMP ? Thank you I enjoyed your review. Is there anywhere you know of for great deals on the Korg? David

    1. Korg hasn’t released yet any updates about a new keyboard but they did a release on the the Korg Pa4x V.3 which has huge and very exciting upgrades.

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