I guess we want to learn some piano.

Piano is an old musical instrument we constantly use at our parties and events.

We are always thinking of playing piano on our own.

Sometimes we don’t get to learn piano because we are too busy and sometimes we don’t start learning the piano because we don’t know where to start.

So let’s make it clear, the very first thing you need to start playing piano is actually a ‘piano’

Now the question is, which piano should you buy? should you invest a lot for a better piece? or, should you just buy a cheap one that will serve the purpose of learning and that’s it.

Here I’m going to answer all your questions and I’ll go over the 5 best pianos that’s best for learning, then I’ll let you decide which one you would like to buy.

1. Yamaha P45

The Yamaha P45 is an Amazing Piano with 88 keys. that’s very suitable for beginners and pianists. it has a great piano sound and is very compact, it can fit into your bedroom or living room and doesn’t require to much space.

Your decision of choosing the Yamaha P45 will be very smart, because, it has heavier keys in the low end and lighter keys in the higher end, this will give the feel of a real acoustic piano.

In the Yamaha P45 you can also play around with its sounds and combine two sounds to play together, that can be awesome if you want to add another sound like strings to your piano while playing to make it feel more rich

If you think that this is something you would like to start your piano journey, then click the button below to get redirected to Amazon so you can check the price and also read the reviews that other happy customers left about the Yamaha P45

2. Roland GO:PIANO 88

The Roland GO is also a great piano, quite cheaper than the Yamaha P45 but also features 88 piano weighted keys and a nice piano sound to help you in the learning process.

The Roland GO is a compact and affordable piano and a great choice for those who decide to buy it.

This piano is also a great choice even you are more advanced than just a beginner but you still want to keep an 88 key piano in a compact size so it doesn’t steal away to much of the free space in your house.

The most exciting thing is that Roland has partnered with Skoove to offer their customers three months of free online piano lessons, with unlimited access to hundreds of songs and interactive courses on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

The piano can operate fully wireless with batteries so it gives you the ability of doing a quick setup when you are in the mood of playing.

the piano has built-in speakers but can also be used with headphones if you don’t want your audience should listen to how you play.

Well, this is another great choice and if you think to decide on the Roland GO:PIANO 88, click the button below to check out its pricing and reviews of customers who already bought this piano.

3. Alesis Recital

The Alesis Recital is available in two colors, black and white. it’s also available in two sizes in 88 keys and in 61 keys.

The good thing about this Alesis Recital is that you can adjust the touch response to suit your preferred playing style.

This piano features 5 premium sounds

  1. Piano
  2. Electric Piano
  3. Organ
  4. Synth
  5. Bass

This will help you focus on learning piano without getting distracted by too much features and other stuff to play around on the piano other than just playing and doing your piano exercises.

The Alesis Recital also has built-in FX to add to your sounds and give them a different feel. for example, if you add some reverb, you’ll feel like sitting in a big hall in front of a real piano.

To the Alesis Recital you can connect your pair of headphones if you wanna play quietly without disturbing others.

Or, you can use the output jacks to connect to a big speaker to make you music even louder.

The keyboard can operate via the power adapter included in the package. or, you can use 6 D cell batteries so you can set your piano up wherever you want.

The Alesis Recital is Amazon exclusive and if you want to read reviews from customers who bought that already, just click the button below to get redirected to Amazon.

4. Donner DEP-20

The Donner DEP-20 is available in two colors, Dark and Deep dark.

It features Full-weighted piano keys and adjustable touch response that allows you to adjust to your desired playing style.

The Donner DEP-20 is loaded with 238 types of sounds that includes Pianos, Guitars, Drums, Bass and much more.

This piano is featured with a backlit LCD screen that will show clearly the chords you are playing, this can be a huge help for beginners.

It also has a recording mode, so you can record how you play and listen and enjoy your own music while eating some refreshments.

You can also plug in a USB stick to playback other MP3 music files.

Exciting is that the keyboard also comes with a sustain pedal so you won’t have to buy a sustain pedal separately.

The built-in speakers of it are also one of a kind, it will definitely serve the purpose of bringing nice music to your ears.

Overall, the Donner DEP-20 is really not overpriced and can meet most of your budgets so if you wanna take a look at its pricing and customer review, click the button below to get redirected to Amazon.

5. Yamaha P71

The Yamaha P71 also features 88 keys and is a slim lightweight keyboard, easy to store and carry.

It contains 10 great sounds that include digitally sampled piano sound from real acoustic pianos! this will give you great playing experience.

On this one you can also combine two sounds to play at ones and will give an awesome feel for those who like to do that.

In the package, you’ll also find a sustain pedal to use to sustaining your piano sound while playing.

The Yamaha P71 is Amazon exclusive and if you wish to see the price and read some reviews click the button below.

So here we are done with going over the 5 best pianos for beginners to take in mind when buying a piano for learning purposes.

The following are another few things to take into consideration when buying your piano.

Sustain pedal

Number 1, make sure your keyboard comes with a sustain pedal, otherwise, you’ll have to buy a sustain pedal separately.

The reason you need a sustain pedal is because while playing piano you will want to sustain a note without holding your fingers on the same key the entire time.

This will give you the ability to play more notes while the previous note is sustaining.

Piano stand

A piano stand is not a must, but would be a smart decision to buy one.

Not always you have place on your table to place your keyboard or piano there.

A piano stand will always serve the purpose of having a good place for your keyboard while you play on it.


A good idea would be if you have a pair of headphones in case you cannot play loud.

Headphones will enable you to whenever you want without disturbing others.

In any case would headphones be a good thing to have if you want to listen closely to your sound and music you play.

Keyboard/Piano case

A case for your piano or keyboard is quite important.

It will prevent your piano from getting dusty or dirty that might sometimes be harmful for you keyboard and may cause for some features to not work properly.

A piano case isn’t expensive, make sure to get one.

I hope this article gave you a better view on the buying process of pianos and you are now more clear where to start.

I hope to write more about pianos in the future, we hope to cover piano lessons and some other music-related stuff that might be interesting for you.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below, I’ll do my best to answer all of them.



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  1. At first I was a bit confused, because I have this old fashioned idea a piano is a wooden instrument that takes up a lot of space.
    But keyboards are more practical. You can take them anywhere and they take up less space.
    I played the button box for quite some time, but sold it once we were making plans to emigrate. And now I am starting to miss making music myself. I still don’t know what to choose. The button box is fun and I love the sound, but it has its limitations because it’s only in 1 or 2 keys (is that the proper English word for it?). A piano has more possibilities.
    Thanks for this review.

    1. Thanks Hannie, I’m glad my articles are opening peoples eyes to go with digital pianos and keyboards that are much easier to carry.

  2. Thanks for your enlightening article. If/when my son purchases a piano for his kids to learn on, I know your article will be a help. Your recommendations of the 4 accessories to purchase was also valuable. The pianos you recommend will help anyone looking for a beginner piano to save time and narrow down the choices for which one would be best for them.

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